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The makers of AdsCaptcha, an alternative CAPTCHA solution for advertisers and site owners, are happy to announce the launch of minteye – the world’s first keyboard-free, superior security solution to keeping spammers at bay on desktops as well as on mobile devices.

What is Captcha?

Once upon a time, when you wanted to leave a comment on a blog or set up a new online account you’d have to fill out a CAPTCHA form; a horrible task asking you to decipher jumbled-text and then type what you’ve read. As the spammers got smarter, the CAPTCHAs got harder to solve.

Real human users often just bounced from a page when they saw a CAPTCHA and even those determined users who had the patience to persevere solved the task only 76% of the time. On top of this AI was able to solve one out of every three CAPTCHAs.

minteye – the Future of Online Security

The future of online security is changing; the way that technology interacts with users is becoming more intuitive and more natural; it’s becoming more human. In line with these trends, with minteye, securing your website couldn’t be easier or more profitable. minteye doesn’t ask users to learn cryptology or solve other frustrating tasks. Rather all you have to do is slide-to-fit!

Sliding CAPTCHA is just as easy to use solution – you simply slide your mouse to re-arrange an advertising image until it makes sense.

The Slide-to-fit alternative to CAPTCHA works better on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While traditional CAPTCHA creates usability issues for the mobile users and increases the site’s bounce rate, on minteye the mobile user’s hand moves slides naturally.

The result is a security task that is simple, fun, effective and profitable. Advertisers get a targeted form of online advertising which their customers are actually paying attention to, and site owners get a share of the advertising revenue for every task which is successfully solved. Humans are separated from spam bots and all without working your customers up into a CAPTCHA-induced frenzy!

minteye is really the perfect solution for everyone; site owners, advertisers and the customers who bring you together. What’s more, minteye is multi-platform, it works on PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets; all you have to do is encode it once and you’re good to go – regardless of how your site is accessed.

minteye – more secure, more fun, more money!

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