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One problem encountered by Android users while surfing the web is that they are asked by the website to fill in a Captcha in order to proceed. Now while this is merely a slight nuisance when surfing on one’s home computer, it becomes a bigger problem when on one’s Android. Why? First of all because of the size.


Common Captcha Problems for Android Users

The Captcha may appear very small – miniscule even – on the screen, and therefore will be difficult to make out. And as we all know, being able to identify every character of a Captcha is imperative; it’s the whole idea, really.

One Captcha that users have found especially cumbersome to navigate is the one that appears when entering one’s Google account, if one has misplaced or mistypes one’s password. The Google captcha in this case is often very complex and hard to read, and if the user wishes to ask for a replacement, since they can’t make out the characters, there is no refresh button to be found.

Another Android user had a similar problem in trying to confirm her Google account. In fact, this user tried tens of times to solve the Google captcha, and even when 100% sure the correct characters had been entered, the user was still returned to the beginning and asked to solve yet another Captcha. So there are definitely some bugs out there, crying to be fixed.


Captcha Solutions for Androids

One option offered by Android, is to use TalkBack, a text-to-speech program. It may come preinstalled on one’s Android, or the user may need to download it. Once installed, it could help at least in the deciphering of the characters, although one will still need to type them in, and it won’t solve the problem of the Captcha server not recognizing the correct answer when it receives it. One answer to the problem, offered by Google, is an UnlockCaptcha feature, which unlocks one’s Google account and prevents the user from receiving a Google captcha request when using his or her Android.

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