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If you find that you are spending too much time online in solving captcha puzzles, you might be interested in downloading one of the free captcha solver software solutions available today.


One place these annoying captchas turn up is when trying to download files from a server. One kind of software that comes to rescue downloaders everywhere works as a plugin for downloading software. With the assistance of this captcha solver software, users can purchase captcha credits, essentially buying a bulk number of solved captchas in advance. Another option this software gives is for the user to solve the captcha before commencing download, so that the plugin ends up solving captcha puzzles automatically when they appear during the downloading process.


Other captcha solver software available runs in the background of the user’s computer, effectually solving captcha puzzles quickly and automatically for the user, sending the correct response back to the ‘captcha caller’. Some of these software are not completely free – they cost a one-time purchase fee – but after the initial investment, they provide permanent free service, rather than captcha solver software that charges users a high monthly fee.

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